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"Filled with humility and humour and describing many wondrous experiences with his meditation teacher, Athan East has written a uniquely illuminating account of his worldly and spiritual life." - Ross Corey, meditation teacher

"Athan East's fascinating and often magical voyage strikes a 'note of the heart' inside the reader's soul. I found it hard to put down." - Parent Sachdev, author of Prisons: The Six Secrets of Life

In Search of the Infinite passionately and non-dogmatically explores ideas and experiences all readers will relate to. Drawing on his own extraordinary incidents, he considers health, relationships, children, money, karma, spiritual awakening and growth, meditation, the afterlife, and the role of the guru.
"Up-to-the minute reportage on our fraught zeitgeist, conveyed with vitality and satirical humour." - Hugh Major

"Pertinent to some of the world's biggest challenges. A thought-provoking and incredibly poignant read for anyone grappling with the climate crisis." - Alva Feldmeier, Executive Director, 350 Aotearoa

Ranging from an individual's birth to the death of the planet, this urgent collection reflects back to us the perilous state of our world. Written by a fed-up boomer determined to call out our collective stupidity, Out of the Way World is simultaneously justifiably cynical, cavalierly mocking and bitingly realistic.

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