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The lounging lizard poet of the floating world

poems / antipoems

Keith Hill
"New Zealand literature has no one like him. Always surprising, a genuine original." - Roger Horrocks

"There's real humour - something difficult to achieve in any writing. The collection offers an insightful and kaleidoscopic dissection of the modern world. It's an entertainingly timely invitation to wake up." - Hugh Major

Is this book ticking? - Receptionist, Ministry for Culture
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Puck of the Starways

Keith Hill
A series of linked stories recount the adventures of Puck, an eternal being from the mysterious Starways, after he is sent by the Gods to the Land of the Happy to discover why one person there is sad. Fiction that takes readers into another world - that turns out to be very similar to ours.

It's a masterpiece. But I have no idea how you could market it.
— John Pasthas, New Zealand composer