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Attar: perfume, quintessence … Disjunct: breaking old connections, making new
Attar Books presents the work of authors who are exploring modern spiritual perspectives. The company was founded in 2009 by Keith Hill, who saw New Zealand's publishing offered limited support for writing that explores alternative spiritual views of reality. As a publisher, he selects books that are grounded in deep experiences, have intellectual nuance, are well-written, and that challenge us to review our understanding of being spiritual and human in the twenty-first century.

Attar Books publishes non-fiction that is explicitly spiritual. Disjunct Books is an imprint of Attar Books, which publishes literary prose, fiction and poetry that is implicitly spiritual, and that comments on and plays with human experience from perspectives that are questioning, disruptive, subversive and celebratory.
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Richard Bentley, a wordsmith with a science background, has an ongoing curiosity about unseen energies and entities. He quizzes such "visits" with compassion and tongue-in-cheek humour to keep the tone warm and welcoming. Richard writes about agriculture and science from the Waikato, where he lives with his wife, Rosie.
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Peter Calvert worked professionally as a research associate and has extensive experience in Buddhist Vipassana and Spiritualist platform mediumship. After learning to write in a meditative state, he began communicating with non-embodied beings who sought to transfer their knowledge into written form. Their perspective included new terminology, metaphors and models that update ancient concepts. Peter has established Agapeshoolinz to share what he is discovering, and is the author of a number of books published by Attar Books.
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Judith Hoch is an artist, anthropologist and yoga teacher. She and her husband John originally bought land in Wainui, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, in the 1980s. For many years they commuted between their homes in Miami and Wainui, gradually restoring the farming-damaged land to native forest. They now live fulltime in the South Island of New Zealand.
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Carolyn Longden began her journey with the discovery of the engird of colour. After becoming aware of the power of healing energy Carolyn was invited to attend a friend's meditation group. Without prior knowledge of channelling, Carolyn found herself completely "at home". She is a colour consultant who continues to work with healing energy.
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Hugh Major studied English and Philosophy at Auckland University. In his writing, Hugh explores new thinking in the fields of consciousness, science, spirituality and culture. Five times he has been a finalist in New Zealand’s premiere Ashton Wylie Award for writing in the mind, body, spirit genre.
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Trisha Wren is a lifelong animal and horse person. After learning Reiki techniques, she became increasingly interested in listening to what horses were trying to say. Joining an established meditation group opened up spiritual connections she had previously considered out of reach, including her abilities as an animal communicator. She now works as an animal communicator and healer, specialising in horses and their energetic balance. Trisha lives in the Waikato with her husband and their animal family. Learn more about Trisha here.
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Keith Hill is a writer and filmmaker whose work explores the boundaries between spirituality, science, history, religion, culture and psychology. His spiritual training was in the Fourth Way teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff. Seeking to support others' creativity, he co-founded world, jazz and classical label, Rattle Records, which won multiple NZ Music Awards. Keith's books and films have also won awards in New Zealand and internationally. He founded Attar Books and Disjunct Books to provide opportunities for other writers to share their work.