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The Matapaua Conversations

by Peter Calvert & Keith Hill

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Who are we? Where do we come from? How did the universe come to be? What is the structure of reality? Do we have a higher purpose? If so, what is it?

For millennia the world’s religions have offered answers to these and other big questions. Today those answers are showing their age. A new approach to spirituality is needed that takes into account our current understanding of reality using contemporary concepts and language.
The Matapaua Conversations presents a view of the relationship between the spiritual and physical domains that reflects current scientific and cosmological thinking.

The Matapaua Conversations began with Keith Hill formulating one hundred questions, the answers to which Peter Calvert channelled during a series of retreats on New Zealand’s Matapaua beach. The answers are provided by previously human spiritual identities who have completed their incarnation cycle on Earth.

The material is extraordinary in its scope. Using concepts drawn primarily from the sciences, and extending from the level of DNA to crabs in rock pools to the Big Bang and beyond, this is a profound view of the what, how and why of existence. Human identity is examined in depth, with an emphasis on the way biological and spiritual identity are linked and contribute to individual evolution. Notable among the explanations that redefine traditional concepts is a description of spirit as Dao-consciousness, the notion that individuals are fragments of a larger spiritual identity, the incorporation of the aura into a broader electrospiritual spectrum, and the use of David Bohm’s concept of an implicate order to explain how the physical and spiritual interact.

This is a thought-provoking book that offers a challenging, yet illuminating, approach to human spiritual nature.
206 pages, 6 x 9 inches / 129 x 152 mm
ISBN Paperback: 9780473242077. Ebook: 9780473402792.

Peter Calvert is a writer and channeller. He is a Reiki master and past-life regression therapist who is practised in Vipassana mediation, Holotropic Breathwork, spiritualist platform mediumship and energywork. He has written a number of channelled books on spirituality.

Keith Hill’s work explores the intersection of mysticism, history, science, religion and psychology. His books include The God Revolution, Striving To Be Human and Practical Spirituality, each of which won the Ashton Wylie Award, New Zealand’s premiere prize for spiritual writing.
From the Introduction by Keith Hill

Peter is a meditator and channeller of spiritual literature emanating from non-embodied beings. I first met him at a book fair in 2008 where he presented his first book,
Agapé and the Hierarchy of Love.

I had always avoided channelled books. While I was widely read in all other genres of spiritual writing, I had assumed that there was something suspect about channelled literature, that it was unreliable. However, after reading
Agapé I not only changed my mind, I offered to help edit and publish Peter’s second channelled book, Guided Healing.

I was drawn in by the ideas expressed in both books. But I was also attracted by the voice that came through Peter. It was knowledgeable, no nonsense, possessed intellectual nuance, was spoken from a height above the human, and presented an impartial overview of human existence. It seemed reasonable. And it made sense to me. If this material had come from a human being I would have wanted to ask more. The fact that it came from a supposedly non-embodied source did not diminish the value of the content. Or the intrigue. Furthermore, a little research revealed that there is a growing body of channelled literature published in the last fifty years generated by other supposed non-embodied beings.

Who are they? What are their motives? Do they really speak to us through Peter and others? Or are channellers self-deluded shysters who are lying to get attention, make money, or whatever? Readers will have to make up their own mind regarding the source and validity of the material presented here. I personally tend to be sceptical of expansive claims. However, I suggest the following be considered.

If we accept that human beings are spiritual identities who continue to exist after the animal body dies (or, at least, if we are willing to assume this for the sake of exploration), then it is possible that those living in a non-embodied spiritual state could make contact with us on Earth and offer advice and guidance. Just as adults have love for children and naturally wish to nurture, teach and guide them as they grow, so it is not outlandish to consider that the spiritually mature, having lived their own lives on Earth, and continuing now to exist in a non-embodied state, out of loving concern would wish to nurture, teach and guide us as we strive to best live our lives. In this context it is understandable that such beings would offer, through individuals capable of channelling their communications, written statements regarding the human condition.

This, in fact, is the stated purpose of the non-embodied beings who speak in these pages. Simply, they are beings who were once human, who dwell now in what comes next, and who are looking back at us as we struggle to understand ourselves and the world. Their motive is to illuminate and help.

26 April 2012

I have arrived at the house at Matapaua where I’ll be spending the next few days. I’ve set up ­my laptop, ergonomic keyboard and a 4GB USB memory stick for storing files. Surprisingly, I do not feel hungry yet, even though I have had neither breakfast nor lunch and spent about three hours this morning painting the final coat on the back wall of my flat. So my body is a bit sore in places, particularly my neck. I’ll need an early night.

The beach is occupied by only a few birds. No one else seems to be in residence here. The weather is intermittent rain from a moist north-easterly, so it is warmer than what I have prepared for. No doubt that will change.

I forgot to bring eggs and coffee, but otherwise have plenty of food. I recently watched a television program that showed drinking coffee induced a forty per cent reduction of the brain’s blood flow. That’s a worry! So perhaps I‘ll drink something else as well while I’m here.

I have designated this retreat as an opportunity for those I consult at such times to answer Keith’s questions. Keith texted me today to express his appreciation for my undertaking this retreat for his benefit. His questions will exercise all my capacity, I think, given their scope. But, after reading them through initially some weeks ago, I have already had internal confirmation that they will all be answered. We will see. I’ve also brought my art set, so if any imagery arises I have tools by which to portray it.

27 April

I slept after breakfast and was woken by a sudden chill signal, so have risen to write as requested. Inside me the sound of tinnitus (energy?) in my ears is loud now. I feel calmer than yesterday, but not yet fully rested.

[Channeled from the guides] It will be three more days before we can depart this Earth together for an introduction to the skies and beyond. Get oil and coffee to sustain you in the ways you prefer. That is all.

I drove to Kuaotunu for cooking oil, coffee and milk. A feature of my stay so far has been awareness to an unusual degree of the small fears, anxieties and old injunctions concerning safe navigation, such as walking around in hazardous territory like paths, and watching for rocks that may be slippery with moisture and slime. I seem to have greater awareness than normal of a deep layer of early experience in which my parents, or some other caregivers, gave me these kinds of verbal messages. Or else I experienced such things myself.

A small amount of debris has washed up on the shore, including plastic pellets and noodle food sachets. Presumably they’re from the Rena shipwreck. I saw a young black-backed gull attempting to eat the contents of one sachet. I’m tired now. Will sleep again.

18:06. Woke with a train of thought that led to the idea that the emergency call sign SOS (... _ _ _ ... = Save Our Souls) is fundamentally inappropriate, as souls are never in significant danger, so do not need saving. It is obvious to me that the thrall of Christianity has been such as to yoke the myth of soul loss to the idea that to save a person is to save their soul, a task self-ascribed to Christianity, which invented the myth in the first place!

Not quite true, but sufficient for the argument to have impact.

Then how did the myth arise originally?

The most ancient cave dwellings show the impact of experience acquired in trance, when the populace did not know of their destination at death. A primitive, inexperienced soul does not know where to go and has to be led away at death. That means that any living population has a co-population of lingering spirits.

There have always been those who act as shamans, who have been instructed in procedures to care for the local community, including the remnant of lingering dead. Variations of perception among shamans, multiplied by their dependence on different preexisting beliefs, has led to a range of interpretations of the experience they acquired during the process of initiating interventions intended to lead individuals to the clear light after their death.

Simplified and condensed versions of such experiences have been averaged across time and within languages and cultures to create variations of the death myth, including stories of its horrors – for everyone loves a ghost tale and its exaggerations. So the death myth became replete with tests and tasks that impede the journey home, when in fact for almost everyone it is a simple task, easily accomplished.

Christians, and others before them, drew on the material at hand to create a specific religious form of the myth, which they then used to enhance their own capture rate of the living. When that is systematically taught to the young, the task of indoctrination is easy.

This is sufficient to account for the success of Christianity as a religion on the world stage. It does not make their version of the death myth any truer than any other historically propagated version, for all are wrong, because they are all exaggerated.

It is only now, since the systematic destruction of religion by science, that a fresh start may be made in the straightforward description of what happens to most people at death. That is our task, to be achieved via the transmission of this teaching.

28 April

I have slept well and long. My body feels rested again. Yet feeling heavy now with input. I will go to my stool to talk into the dictaphone.

We come to begin the developmental and systematic aspects of this teaching, fostered and communicated by the man Keith Hill. Given that it is at his request that we respond to his questions, we feel that proper acknowledgement should be made to the facilitative agreement that he has with us and with you. This agreement was made pre-life, of course.

When contemplating engagement with the earthly realm, you both felt there was an opportunity to contribute to a deeper understanding of the human condition. The opportunity was undertaken in a spirit of self-exploration and self-development. It also involved community engagement and company-inspired social development – “company” in this sense is to be interpreted as meaning a social group whose members share a curiosity concerning the dynamics of life and existence. That is the basis on which you associate with each other, to the somewhat tenuous degree that you do, each uncertain as to the real intention, yet individually committed to the self-chosen developmental path on which you each have embarked, as those paths can now be understood.

We speak in this way at the beginning of the transition into yet deeper states by this one through whom we currently communicate. And we would remark on our input to the man Keith Hill, for he has come to know us well. The combination of two distinct individuals, each driven by a transitory impulse towards self-development (transitory in this instance meaning for the duration of one lifetime), is to work together for mutual individual and group purpose. The group in question is the spectrum of humanity currently incarnate. Those not incarnate are in no need of the things we intend to say. Those who will never encounter these words will not miss them. So it is only those who are directed towards this material who will materially benefit. And we mean “materially” in its metaphoric, not literal, sense.

We come now to a consideration of those factors which may block and imperil the distribution of this material. Fortunately, the factors are few during the current stage in the history of this small country. Internationally, they are even less. And it was for that purpose these individuals decided to locate themselves far from the centres of the planet, which would otherwise potentially have acted to minimise its distribution.

That said, we may continue in our task for this period, consisting of this coming week and the subsequent week. We anticipate it will be necessary to come again to this Matapaua location, for at this time of year it is suitably quiet. There are no others present nor anticipated. The isolation and seclusion are optimal, the comfort more than sufficient, the sea and wildlife conducive to these explorations in time and space.

That is all for this day.

After a two hour sit, and an hour’s sleep, I’m ready for food. It’s sunny outside now, after morning rain showers. The wind has turned westerly following the last two days of the warm northerly.

I have just done my first circuit through the glades. Saw three sheep and no houses, plus pig rootings, one keruru, and the usual shags in their colony. The road has been upgraded in crucial locations, but I saw no sign of property sales. I am unfit and must walk more over these hills while I can.

29 April

I have started rereading The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra. It is cold this morning at 14C. That will make it hard to distinguish the chill signal, except that is felt internally as well as superficially. And yet that is what I was feeling, as indicated by the following transcript:

Rereading Capra is an essential first step for entering an analytical mindset and re-igniting your curiosity regarding the deep domains of description concerning both agapéic space and the realm of reality associated with the questions that you have come here to have answered.

The domain of these questions is extensive. Answering them requires that a boundary-free condition be established within your mind. That is not yet available, so we have set you the task of attending to the explanatory language offered in that text [The Tao of Physics] by which to take your awareness away from the mundane, away from the local, away from the body’s senses and preferences, and towards extremity in all parameters. This may be achieved by expanding your awareness away from the familiar towards the foreign and even the nonsensical. We use that last term in the special sense of being unrelated to the senses.

The mind is, in fact, free to soar into any realm at any moment, for any duration, within any time frame. This means that all of existence is accessible to the unconstrained mind. The frameworks of thought generated by locality, by embodiment, by emotion, by relationship – all these act to constrain the mind and its reach.

That provides sufficient reason for the common need to self-isolate in order to bring those unconstrained realms into view. That also gives rise to the need here to have mind-expanding literature at hand, in order to refocus, as you did earlier on the night sky, because your perception is then not confined to within the atmosphere. And it serves to remind, as it did this identity earlier this morning, that there are realms upon realms of distance, of phenomena, of locations far away, of unimaginable magnitude accessible to the senses, only waiting the tools by which to bring them close and make them observable. Those tools (for example, a telescope) are not available to this individual. But the exercise was sufficient to remind him of the extent to which the world is bigger than this room, this body, these emotions, and these thoughts. The universe is correspondingly larger. The realm of all that is is unimaginably larger again. So, through this reminder, we bring that entire realm back into the central awareness as the vista to be explored during our time here.

Accordingly, become settled into that magnitude of awareness. And cease the now established self-confinement into the limits of the present sensory systems of the body and the local awareness of the mind. For this is the challenge, to exceed those known things.

I sat in meditation for some time, then after a chill signal had the following model arrive to my awareness. I have always had difficulty with the idea of the interpenetration of the physical by the spiritual. This model appears to address that by providing a tangible metaphor.

This is in relation to the question of interpenetration. A model for the interpenetration of spiritual reality with the physical domain is that the physical domain may be envisaged as particles of water in the form of fog or cloud, distributed through air which provides the underlying medium. Spiritual reality constitutes the air, being a continuous medium of finer material in relation to the particulate nature of physical reality, which could perhaps be thought of as comprising atoms represented by the particles of water within fog or cloud.

This provides a tangible and recognisable model. Most people have experienced being in fog or cloud. So they have direct knowledge of the fine particulate nature of fog particles, of the magnitudes involved, and of the finer nature of air within which fog particles are suspended.

And so the idea of the universal field, if one could construe it as that, is of air interpenetrating the mass of fog or cloud. This is a useful model to explain the way in which physical reality is distributed through the underlying spiritual reality. Variations in the density of the fog may be thought of as representing variations in density within the physical domain, which is supported by, and distributed through, the underlying spiritual reality.

I have sat, slept more, and walked on the beach. Reactions against this discipline are starting to surface. How to occupy the time? I guess read more of the text.

20:28. Have eaten, then slept. I woke from unlikely dreams, then meditated for a while. I asked for cleansing and alignment with my purpose for being here. I feel I’m making little progress in attaining a state required for the effective channelling of deep questions, but will persist. I know that at any time I will be accessed and that it is not my will that counts in this process. And then I immediately felt chilled and received the following:

We come to give reassurance that the process is proceeding adequately, if not well. Establishing this as a purposeful activity has generated a state of resistance and unwillingness in the individual. These barriers and hurdles need to be overcome before the bulk of the material will be transferred. We anticipate one day more is all that is required. The sleeping is a form of resistance. We suggest it be dispensed with.

So that is plain.

23:41. I’ve just finished an extended meditation in which I wound up saying, “I give up. Do with me as you will.” Later that seemed to enable an opening out of awareness into haric space, freeing the sense of connection to this physical place, feeling a sense of movement, the capacity to move and go where I chose.

So I chose to visit Y. I saw her lying sleeping and simultaneously in her spirit-self manifesting alert joyful awareness, sitting up as in a cherubic self, co-occupying some of her body space as if she were sitting on the same bed surface she was lying on. Felt very loving towards her and saw her change to a delicate shade of pink on the receipt or perception of that affection. It was lovely.

Then elected to visit Keith, and whereas Y. was far on my right side, Keith seemed a little left and he was on the same level, whereas Y was a little lower. It seemed appropriate to soothe Keith, as I think he felt a little frightened of his perception of a foreign presence on the spiritual level.

I’ll sleep now. It’s been a very good meditation.

30 April

I have just finished transcribing last night’s meditation. Chilled now.

We have some comments we could make if you chose?

Yes, please.

With the completion of that transcript we would now move on to other matters. We have before us a large task. We therefore suggest that this morning be devoted to beginning the complex task of attending to Keith Hill’s questions. We propose that the material be brought out and previewed by reading through it so as to refresh yourself, and us through your eyes, of the explicit detail of every part of that material. When that is done we will have more to say.