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Memoirs & extraordinary encounters

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Each writer recounts experiences that are not spiritual in a traditional religious sense, but instead reflect the diversity of ways human beings express and explore their spiritual nature. These include out of body experiences, feelings of being one with reality, interactions with nature spirits, encounters with the deceased, and psychic perceptions.

Classics of world mysticism

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This is a series that reworks classic world mystical texts into new poetic versions for todays reader who wants to learn more about traditional mystical ideas and practices. Each book includes background essays that place the work in its historical context and that draw out some of their most significant concepts.

New ways to look at your life

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These are introductory books that reveal new ways of thinking about yourself as a spiritual being. This includes how reincarnation impacts on your life, why our lives play out the way they do, and what is going on in the world around us. The first three in particular offer easy reading material design to help you see things differently. Learning Who You Are is the basic text for the teaching on offer in the books that follow.

New ways to consider reality

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These books seriously challenge our views of how reality is constituted. They interrogate who we are as spiritual beings, why we are here, and where we fit into an expanded view of the kosmos. All four books are for people who want to widen their perspectives and who seek to question the assumptions we are all brought up to make in relationship to who human beings are, what God is, and how we fit into the All.

Developing sensitivity and psychospiritual savvy

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The first three books are the start of the Channelled Spirituality Series. Drawing on aspects of G.I. Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching and the channelled Michael Teachings, these books explore the implications of our using reincarnation to evolve spiritually. Guided Healing introduces what is involved in the process of spiritual healing, the sensitivities healers need to develop, and the way energy is passed from a spiritual source via the healer's aura. Issues involved in meditation are also explored.