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In Search of The Infinite

A meditator's journey of spiritual discovery

by Athan East

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In this insightful memoir, Athan East entertainingly describes his upbringing in traditional Chinese religious worship, and how his search for deeper meaning, along with an increasingly desperate quest to find a cure for his disabled daughter, led to his discovery of Vibrant Celestial Meditation.

Guided by meditation master Bhai Sahib, Athan East recounts the life-transforming experiences he has had over three decades as a member of a meditation group in Kuala Lumpur. The spiritual knowledge he has accumulated proves to be hard-won. Honestly, and often humorously, he recounts coming face-to-face with his personal shortcomings, the struggles he had to overcome them, and the profound understanding of his life and his family’s situation he received as a result. One quite unexpected breakthrough is that his wife is able to spontaneously connect to higher spiritual beings.

In Search of The Infinite passionately and non-dogmatically explores ideas and experiences all readers will relate to. Major themes include health, relationships, children, money, karma, spiritual awakening and growth, the nature and benefits of meditation, the usefulness of reading the world’s greatest spiritual texts, our transition into the afterlife, salvation, the role of the guru, and how The Infinite guides us all back to our spiritual home.

This is a book that readers seeking to understand themselves as spiritual beings will find not just informative but, in places, revelatory. A vibrant personal account of one man’s spiritual discoveries, In Search of The Infinite offers illuminating insights into how we may live spiritually in the modern world.
228 pages, 6 x 9 inches / 129 x 152 mm
ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9951333-6-5. Hardcover: 978-1-99-115700-3. Ebook: 978-1-99-115701-0

“Athan East has written an enlivening account of his determined journey to find a cure for his daughter’s ailment and in the process discovers the purpose of his life through the help of a guru who deciphers new spiritual meaning from the scriptures of the world. — Subra Govindasamy, Ed.D
 "Many authors are called to write an account their life journey, however very few are chosen to produce such an evocative and moving memoir." — David Wong, FMCG Industry Solutions

“In Search of the Infinite is a powerful, profound, and soulful read, capturing Ethan East's moving journey towards Divine Love. His insightful reflections of his childhood, family, trials and tribulations, and how these lead to spiritual transformation, leave us all with much  needed hope in these uncertain times." — Dr Maria Peach, MBChB
"Follow Athan East's transformational life experiences as he was mentored personally by Bhai Sahib, founder of Vibrant Celestial Meditation, to whom he was very close. Read and be inspired to raise your own vibration!" — Professor Jijar Singh, Master Practitioner of NLP, EOM and NaamRi
"Athan East's memoir presents a fascinating journey of spiritual  evolution, an instinctive quest for the Self or Atma, which Vedanta  declares is our essential, eternal, divine nature." —  Balakrishnan Ramaneyah, author of Vedanta, Science and Immortal Consciousness
"A book that was hard to put down. Athan East writes from the heart, with raw vulnerability. The reality of his upbringing and how it affected his views on spirituality is powerful. His determination to find his own spiritual truth was fueled by his quest to find his daughter's cure. This book beautifully explores his preconceived notions on spirituality, his search for meaning, and the importance of connecting to something nobler than himself. It is packed with humour and unique revelations, and intelligently explores the mystical and spiritual aspects of life. The part of this book that caught my attention the most is when the author meets a spiritual luminary who teaches him how to awaken his spirit simply, naturally and effortlessly through Vibrant Celestial Meditation and how it quickly transformed him to trust his infinite self. A must-read for anyone wondering about their own spiritual journey." — Simran K Rattan MD
In 2005, after my wife and I had been practising Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM) for over two and a half decades, I was directed to write about my spiritual experiences and share them with humanity. I was initially reluctant to do so. I have never enjoyed openly sharing my experiences, whether regarding personal growth or spiritual matters, even with close friends. I found the thought of truthfully revealing events of my personal life embarrassing, while views on religious and spiritual matters can be sensitive, even if they are experiential truths.

An inner struggle then ensued, between the sublime call to write and my rational mind telling me to ignore it. Lack of confidence generated negative thoughts, such as, “You don’t have any writing experience,” and “You don’t have money to publish.” Trying my hand at revealing my Guru’s and The Infinite’s messages to the public just felt too great a burden.

At the same time a void formed within me, haunting me with the feeling that my purpose in this lifetime would remain unfulfilled if these experiential truths were not shared. Accordingly, I felt I had to pull myself together and complete this onerous writing task, even if it meant leaving its publication to someone else, perhaps after my death. I eventually overcame my self-doubts and, slowly but surely, started writing. Even then my progress suffered repeated starts and stops. That explains why it has taken me almost fifteen years to complete this project!

I suppose the Creator was aware of my doubts, because my eldest daughter surprised me one day with a reminder that this book must not only be written, but published. A text message she sent me on 8 May 2014 reads: “According to Bhai Sahib, the book that is going to be written by you is one of your biggest successes and a big favour to God and to Bhai Sahib.” Bhai Sahib, or Sri Bhai Sahib Ji, refers to my Guru, who returned to the Creator in November, 2011. My eldest daughter is blessed to occasionally receive messages and guidance from Bhai Sahib. That particular message was enough for me to overcome the inertia that had stopped me writing for a number of years.

This book has two parts. The first part outlines my reluctance and struggles as I followed my often acrimonious path towards learning about the truth. The second part aligns my journey with that of Bhai Sahib, describing the spiritual path he presented to the world.

The book begins by depicting my unending struggle and the anguish I felt from early childhood, which led to the growth of a defiant streak in me, along with an unrestrained temper. My earliest days were also bloated with negativities, which formed a vicious cycle as I plodded into adulthood. This psychological damage subsequently affected all spheres of my life, including my livelihood, health, marital relationship, and the way I managed my family. Not finding any satisfactory answers for my troubles within my mundane surroundings, as a last resort I turned to the supernatural.

My journey into the supernatural became even more urgent following the birth of my youngest daughter. During delivery, her neck was entangled by her umbilical cord. That caused asphyxia, which resulted in cerebral palsy and triggered infantile spasms. My adamant refusal to accept that there is no known cure led me on an all-out search for God. I supposed that only a God-Force would provide the answers I needed. I wanted my daughter to have a normal life, and I wanted to know why this had happened to me and my family. However, my visits to various temples and mediums proved totally ineffective, as they mainly offered talk laced with empty promises, providing only a false sense of reassurance.

My search at this time ended with my deciding that there is no God, as there was no evidence to support His existence or whereabouts. From then on my mind became totally shut to anyone who preached anything about God to me.

Years later, a friend challenged me to attend a seminar on Vibrant Celestial Meditation. I took up the challenge only because he agreed to give me a full refund if I was not satisfied with the meditation course. VCM practice turned out to be a massive turning point in my life. It led me to realise that spirituality of the highest level must involve the Creator, The Infinite. I realised this understanding can only and wholly be obtained through His grace and blessing, as a result of one’s relentless and profound prayers of supplication and benediction. It dawned on me that the realisation of The Infinite involves authentic spirituality of the highest order. This book is titled In Search of The Infinite to emphasise the all-important need to be aware of The Infinite in every moment of our life.

The Infinite refers to the Supreme Creator, Supreme Soul, who is formless, and is known by the various names enshrined in all the world’s scriptures. The Infinite is Omniscient (All-Knowing), Omnipotent (All-Powerful) and Omnipresent (Present Everywhere). The Infinite is the same before, now and after, and always shall be.

The Infinite is the cause of you, of me, and of everything there is. The Infinite, therefore, is the Supreme Cause of All Things. All things are possible and revolve around The Infinite, who is also described as The True One, Creator, Supreme Intelligence, and Who is beyond the understanding of humanity, including the prophets of old, and, for that matter, any intelligent extraterrestrial beings, whatever they may be, and wherever they may be located in the wide expanse of the universe (or multiverse).