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People of the Earth

Ecology, survival and nurturing spirits

by Peter Calvert, Richard bentley, Carolyn Longden, Trisha Wren

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People of the Earth offers a unique account of communications with spiritual identities normally invisible to us: deceased people lost between worlds, nature spirits who nurture the Earth’s ecosystems, and non-human beings who “drop in” to see what is going on. It challenges our assumptions regarding life and death, and asks us to reconsider who else may be sharing the universe with us.

When Peter Calvert gathered a small group of meditators and set them the task of opening their minds to whoever arrived, he didn’t anticipate the astonishing encounters that would result. They discovered a small percentage of people become confused after death. Lost in a transitional zone, they need guidance to move on to the next phase of their existence.

And in a series of vexed visits, nature spirits pleaded with the meditators to share an urgent message with humanity regarding the dire state of the planet’s ecosystems.

Through a sequence of intriguing dialogues between the meditators and visiting non-embodied beings, People of the Earth provides sobering insights to those who seek to understand what is required of us spiritually to sustain the planet’s ecological health.
142 pages, 6 x 9 inches / 129 x 152 mm
ISBN Paperback: 9780995120372. Hard cover: 9780995120365. Ebook: 9780995120389.

Peter Calvert worked professionally as a research associate and has extensive experience in Buddhist Vipassana and Spiritualist platform mediumship. He is the author of a number of books on spiritual topics. Carolyn Longden is a colour consultant who works with healing energy. Trisha Wren runs a business as an animal communicator, and consults on energy rebalancing and pendulum healing. Richard Bentley approaches life with an enquiring mind while keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek.
I have always considered the nature of our embodiment the most important unresolved issue of our civilisation. Either we are algorithmic pods without roots except in the ephemeral molecular systems of which we are composed, or we are spirits in temporal bodies in a universe that invites many forms of spirit existence and embodiment.

Peter Calvert and his colleagues have made an ambitious attempt to communicate with disembodied life forms.
People of the Earth provides methods for tapping into the invisible universe and their outcome: conversations with possible deceased humans stuck between worlds, nature spirits, and entities of radically different intelligences from us. The fact that these dialogues are of varying clarity, alien credibility, and internal continuity is not as important as the acts of faith that generated them. The urgent truth is that we have to begin somewhere if we are going to explore tabooed portals, claim our place in the greater universe, and find the wisdom necessary to redeem our own world.

— Richard Grossinger,
author of The Night Sky: Soul and Cosmos and Bottoming Out the Universe: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

[Note: The italised text is communication channelled by one of the meditators. The meditators are identified as follows: C = Carolyn Longden, P = Peter Calvert, R = Richard Bentley, T = Trisha Wren. Once an individual is identified, for ease of reading the identifier is dropped.]

T I’m feeling worried and scared, but I’m not supposed to speak. I’m so scared I’m digging my nails into my palms.
C Has someone else told you not to speak?
T No. I’m ashamed to speak.
P All issues of shame can be safely left behind. What could not be spoken of now can be. We do not condemn.
I can never be forgiven for that.
C Why is forgiveness even necessary?
Maybe I can’t forgive myself.
P Try it. Provocation can sometimes be overwhelming.
I killed my husband.
Some wives do that. Why did you?
He pushed me too far.
Could you not consider that a form of self-defence?
It wasn’t self-defence. I suffocated him in his sleep.
R What provoked you to do that?
Mental abuse.
So it was a form of self-protection?
More than twenty-five years.
P Are you supposed to be all-forgiving without limit?
No, but killing someone isn’t okay. I should have left him. I wasn’t strong enough to leave.
When did this happen?
1800s, in Wales.
R Your shame must have been intense. It’s now the twenty-first century. Are you ready to move on now?
Maybe this is what I deserve.
You deserve to move on.
Maybe I’ll just be stuck here forever.
There’s no reason for you to remain here any longer. Look around and tell us what you see.
It’s not as dark as it was. I don’t feel as bad as I did.
Your shame is entirely self-inflicted. You’ll be welcomed with open arms when you get to the light.
I do see a lighter area over there.
The easiest thing to do is simply quickly go there. That’s all it takes.
T At least three people were waiting for her. Someone hugged her.
P Sounds like it was a difficult life.

◊ ◊ ◊

T I feel really queasy. Someone is here. Another woman.
C We welcome you here. Why do you choose to come and visit us?
T I didn’t choose to be here. I just seem to have turned up. I haven’t seen anyone else for a long time. It’s odd. Do I need to be worried about you people?
P No, we’re harmless. Open your heart and feel our energy. Can you see your physical body?
What does that tell you?
It’s a bit weird! Am I dreaming?
No, you’ve passed away. You’re not alive and in physical form any more. What’s the last thing you remember?
T She killed someone else as well. Husband.
C How did you die?
There was a court case. I died in prison.
You must have been very lonely there. Are there any loved ones you could look for now?
My daughter.
What year did they put you in prison?
1977, in NZ.
The other inmates ganged up on her.
Can you call your mother to come for you?
T Gone. Her mother came straight away. She thought her mum wouldn’t want to see her, but she called anyway.
R It’s like someone saw the previous lady with the similar circumstances, saw we helped her, and pushed this lady forward too.

◊ ◊ ◊

T My head got turned to the left. A man. He feels very calm and self-contained. He committed suicide. I’d had enough of life. Took pills.
P Is there an inability to express pain?
I’m not in any pain. Back then, yes, I was. I was unhappy. I’m fine now. Resigned, but not in a bad way. This is better than what I had before.
Why are you still here?
What else is there?
Don’t you know about what lies beyond death?
I did commit suicide. And I’m not in hell, so maybe this is it. This is okay.
That implies you had religious instruction about heaven and hell?
What religion?
As a child. Protestant, not Catholic.
What’s your expectation now?
Just this, I suppose.
So if not hell, then what?
Well, I’m in no pain. I’m emotionless.

Well, yes, I guess. But it’s still better than what I had.
You seem curiously passive about the alternative. If hell hasn’t manifested, where is heaven? Surely you have some curiosity?
Yes, but I committed suicide.
Surely I don’t deserve to go to heaven.
Why not?
Because it’s a bad thing to do.
Who says?
Church people.
From our perspective it’s just another way out of a life.
I guess I’m open to alternatives.
Heaven is a possibility.
You mean I could have a happy life?
Why not? In fact, many more. Have you heard of rebirth into another body?
I thought that was hocus pocus.
In this realm it’s not. How would you feel about another life?
I’d like to have a happy life. You’re not just the devil come to trick me or something?
Do I look or feel devilish?
Perhaps you could consider the possibility with hope for pleasure, peace and love, and clarification about your options.
I’d like to be loved.
You already are.
I’ve never felt it before.
Take a sip from what we can offer you and consider it multiplied many times. That’s your immediate future.
I’ve got nothing to lose, have I?
Precisely. Is your mother in spirit? Ask her to come for you.
My parents both died when I was very young. Is that really them? She looks pleased to see me.

◊ ◊ ◊

T I’ve got a wary feeling that’s not mine.
P I felt I needed to look far over the horizon. Is that connected? I’m getting male, nearly naked, tall, powerfully built, a hunter or tribesman. Doesn’t feel recent. He seems comfortable to be with our group. He’s got his back to us and is looking at the horizon.
T Yes, I’m seeing him from behind. I was admiring his butt!
C I’m getting he’s from a long, long time ago. Maybe Ice Age?
P They would have worn more. He’s white skinned, tanned.
C So now you’ve observed me, why am I here?
P Please tell us something about yourself.
I’m just me. What do you want to know?
What is your family like?
I haven’t seen my family for ages.
What sort of shelter do you live in?
I’ve just been wandering for a long, long time.
I understand that, but before.
Animal skins and sticks and poles.
You do realise you’re dead?
I realise I’m not embodied, yes.
Is there a name for your culture or your tribe?
My name is White Wolf.
Do you understand the countries of the world?
I know the nature of the country I come from: mountains and valleys and rivers and forest.
Why have you not returned to the light long since?
I’m a guardian.
Guarding what?
Guarding those I left behind, watching over them. It’s my duty.
Did you not understand there’s a time limit to such duty?
How many summers have you seen?
Over three hundred.
Did you observe changes in the ways of those who you guarded?
Did you understand those changes?
No. I stay with them. They’re my people.
Do they know of your presence?
Some do.
Did they tell you of the changes in your culture?
Some have.
Then you understand that your culture is radically altered.
Yes. I still must stay I believe.
Who requested you to accept that duty?
My father.
Where is he now?
I suppose I’ve taken his place. So I’m waiting for someone to take my place.
Can you consider that that role is no longer required?
Then what is to become of me?
What are your myths about destiny after death?
I become a watcher and someone replaces me. I don’t know the next step.
Consider that those who might have come after you have not been taught these things.
I believe I was to be called to a home place and I haven’t heard the call so I haven’t gone. Do you think they’ve forgotten to call me and left me here? Where are my ancestors?
I think your belief that a role hasn’t ended has prevented you from hearing any other call. If you open your awareness beyond this small location, what do you see?
A very strong bright moonlight over the mountains.

You are not in the physical world any more..
The moonlight is very warm and I feel drawn towards it.
The best thing you can do is allow yourself to be drawn. Expect to find those who would take you further. Your duty is done. You have performed your service well. We offer our thanks and bid you farewell.
P Why do I feel that he’s not gone?
C He hasn’t. He’s stuck, pinned.
P Why?
T Is it just expectation? I feel like he feels he’d be letting his people down if he abandons his post.
C He has to be invited by some great person to leave.
P Does he know the name Wakantanka?
C Yes.
P Ask Wakantanka what would he have you do now.
C That’s it. He’s been invited. You can’t go unless you’re invited.
C He had a spear through him. That’s how he died. He’s ashamed that he wasn’t strong enough, felt he shouldn’t have died. He wanted to stay around to make up for getting himself killed.

◊ ◊ ◊

C I have someone else. I’m feeling really, really furious, and I don’t think that’s me!
R Welcome. How may we be of service to you?
C What on earth do think you could possibly do to be of service to me!
I don’t know. That’s why we asked!
This is not where I’m supposed to be. I was driving along and now I’m late for an appointment. What the hell am I doing here? I’m a very busy, VERY important man. It’s most inconvenient that I’m in this bizarre place. I’ve got to be somewhere. Why are we fiddle-faddling around here?
It must be very frustrating for you.
Absolutely right! So where am I and how can I get to my meeting? I’m holding up a very important meeting!
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get to the meeting.
I’m going to the meeting!
It may come as a surprise, but you’ve passed over to the other side.
Well, get my chauffeur to get me on the right side of town.
You sound like a person who’s pretty straight, so I’ll put it to you straight. You’ve died.
Can you see your body?
Well ... it doesn’t seem to be here at the moment.
What country are you from?
And what year is it?
1974. Stupid question.
We’re in the year 2014.
Okay, what’s happened? It’s some joke, some kind of nonsense!
K What did you do that was so important?
Build skyscrapers. People are waiting for me. This is ridiculous.
Maybe you need to go to the top floor!
This is part of the joke is it?
There’s probably a big surprise waiting for you at the top.
Oh yeah, right.
Get in the elevator and go up.
Okay, I’ll play along. Why can I see my daughter? She died aged four.
Because you’ve gone up to the very top level.
Oh, my god!
C He wasn’t happy. Convinced it was all a prank!
T He had a heart attack.
C There’s something else. It isn’t finished.
T I think his wife is here too. I feel a little downtrodden. She doesn’t want to go where he went.
C Yes, that’s the question she’s asking: Do I still have to be married to him if I go there too? No, you’re free now.

R If he died forty years ago, she could have died of natural causes in that time.

◊ ◊ ◊

T I feel someone else here. Male. He’s wondering why he’s here.
C Welcome. How can we help you?
I’ve watched what you have been doing this evening.
P We’re a group of friends who assemble to help people who are confused about what happens to them after they die.
I’ve served as a priest my whole life, and never have I seen such a demonstration of the power of love.
C Thank you. Have you found the light yourself?
I have been speaking of it my whole life, but apparently not believing it, because no such thing has happened to me. I feel a charlatan, that I’ve been speaking of the love and light available to my flock.
You are no charlatan.
But I was taught to tell them of sin and bad and wrong, and I caused more fear than love. Yet they were looking to me for guidance into the next life. I feel I was the one blaspheming and telling them they had to be better, pray more, yet I was the one who was so in darkness rather than light.
So take this as a lesson.
What of all the people who I turned against the light? What did I do to them by preaching fear and damnation and hell and evil and burning? What did I do to the people who trusted me for salvation or a way to it, yet all I taught them was hell and brimstone, their shortcomings and sins.
P They had choice whether to listen and believe and apply it.
So have I not condemned all those who listened to me to darkness?
No, because they had choice. Don’t condemn yourself. You did as you were trained and according the love you felt. Mistakes are just mistakes, things we learn from to reach to a more knowledgable place.
But who forgives me for what I –
No forgiveness is necessary.
But I believe it, I taught it. I need to be forgiven for the sin of turning people away from the light. I’ve seen your demonstration of the light. It never occurred to me to teach that. I taught the opposite.
R What’s your belief around forgiveness?
Because of what I taught I can now see that I was potentially wrong in what I taught, though I believed it was right and true. You’re saying that I’m not wrong?
C Not if you believe in yourself. There is no right or wrong. There’s a new journey for you, of your choosing.
P Can you forgive yourself? That’s the only requirement. Ask for the grace and it will be yours. Use that grace to forgive yourself and come to peace. You won’t be judged.
If it is God’s will that I be accepted as I am, then so be it.
Then it will be so.
Bless you all for leading me to this.
C We’ve heard your confession and our love for you has not changed. Take this into your heart and go to the light. They’re waiting.